Wednesday, December 5, 2012

THE NEXT BIG THING...A Little About Hollow Mountain Dead

I was tagged in this little exercise by Richard Cochran. The one and only John Skipp got the ball rolling here. Without any further ado, my NEXT BIG THING, Hollow Mountain Dead...

 1. What is the working title of your next book? My next book is entitled Hollow Mountain Dead. Awesome name, huh?

 2. Where did the idea come from for the book? As a life long fan of westerns and apocalyptic horror, I’ve wanted to do something that blends the two together for a long time. The entirety of my life, thus far, has been lived in the Western states. I’ve walked dusty ghost town thoroughfares and felt the draw of the memories and mystery. I’ve hiked up mountainsides and felt the shadows crowding me as they creep over the untouched land. Thirty-something years of the West from the dust-shit-storm of the desert to the eerie malevolent beauty of the mountains has resulted in a plethora of ideas in my over-active imagination. Hollow Mountain Dead has the things that have scared me the most- those things in forest, the ones that you can not out run, out fight, or hide from. They hide in the shadows and behind tree trunks ready to render you limb from limb. They strike and your mind can’t wrap around what is happening until it is too late for you, my friend. A puddle of gore smeared through a sun kissed patch of huckleberries and cedar stumps. I’ve been into the END of the WORLD for as long as I’ve been aware of the sad, sad fact everyone dies. Visions of Armageddon and Apocalypse have been the fodder of my nightmares, which are many, for years and years. That horror, the thing so terrible it brings humanity to its knees, is the root of my primal fear instinct. Thankfully the boom in Apoc-Fiction has given me many great books, with hundreds of visions of our ill-fated future, for me to devour. However, for my tastes, I don’t like joining the story after all the carnage and fun has happened. I like to be there in that moment, that time when reality blurs and tears and everything falls apart to revel the monsters beneath. The chaos. The carnage. The end. With Hollow Mountain Dead I follow the spread of a zombie outbreak from the point of Zombie 0 out, down a mountainside, through trees and towns, while even more hideous things stir below waiting to follow in the wake of its undead army. Many of my common themes and inspirations are evident in Hollow Mountain Dead. I have ancient cosmic monsters, existing only to destroy. I got zombies gutting cowboys and Natives and causing all-kinds of ultra-violent havoc. I got rotten characters that just be bastards and don’t care if you like ‘em. I got shoot-outs, jail breaks, and a freaking stage coach escape through zombie crowded streets.

 3. What genre does your book fall under? Westernapocalypticzombiehorrorfiction

 4. What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition? I’ve never written a book with as large a cast of characters as I have with Hollow Mountain Dead. This question just blew my mind. I have roles for every muscled stud that can grow beard stubble and get tackled by zombies or shot through the head and as well as roles for a wide variety of western female stereotypes. In all honesty in my head I have given some characters aspects of real people but more often then not they are people I know rather than movie stars. I’m not the best with actors’ names and am often the guy that points at the screen saying ‘look, it’s that actress, the one from that other movie’. I have my favorites of course but that doesn’t mean they would fit in everything I write. How would John Lithgow look in a cowboy hat and bolo tie?

 5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? An ancient cosmic evil releases hell on a Wild West high mountain county as it claws its way from its mountain prison.

 6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? I have submitted Hollow Mountain Dead to a publisher and am waiting patiently for a reply.  

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript? I wrote the first draft over the span of about two years. I had a lull of about five months in the middle where I focused on other projects. When I got back to focusing on Hollow Mountain Dead I wrote the last 70,000 in three months.

 8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? It has zombies so as far as the gadzillon zombie books out there, good and bad, it has that. Other than that, the stories I would compare it with are more from feeling, pacing or emotion than topic or story. It has the raw and dirty western feel of Tim Curran’s Skin Medicine with the zealous violent pacing of Jason S. Hornsby’s Eleven Twenty Three.

 9. Who or what inspired you to write this book? My nightmares and my surroundings and my memories.  
10. What else about the book might pique the reader's interest? Hollow Mountain Dead is by far the most epic book I have written on my own. It’s about the same size as it’s polar opposite, The Apocalypse and Satan’s Glory Hole which I co-wrote with the amazing Timothy Long. Hollow Mountain Dead is everything about my writing taken up to a grander, far more ambitious, stage. If you’ve liked anything I’ve written so far you will dig Hollow Mountain Dead. If you haven’t read any of my work yet, Hollow Mountain Dead will make you want to. As per the rules of the game I have tagged the following four bad ass authors to carry on the self promoting torch... Timothy W. Long William Pauley III Jason Hughes Daniel Fabiani

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Rotting by Jonathan Moon

I am turning out to be one rotten bastard.

The hollow screams and endless whimpers and sustained moans permeating my basement all testify to my boast. The reek seeping through the floorboards and the molding cracks in the wall assists in combating my loneliness. The air is still and stale, coppery and slick, and it grows neon molds on my scabs. I’m rotting from my soul out.

I never aspired to become the decayed moral specimen I have become. However, to be honest, once the rot began I did nothing to hinder its all-consuming spread. It happened slowly- the way the groom grows bitter at the bride, the employee grows weary of the employer, or the people grow tired of their gods. I scratched the itch and spread the infection.

Perhaps my manners died first, a casualty in the mass death of social niceties. With no concern to waste on others my conceit became so greedy it cannibalized itself. It found the taste of spoiled meat violently addictive. I quit troubling myself with flushing public toilets. I instituted my own traffic laws and mating rituals. I forgot the meaning of apologies and promises. Though the bruises have always been there, purple and green just under my skin, I wasn’t coughing up the thick brown blood clots. The thick brown blood clots in the unmistakable shapes of knives came once the rot took hold of my insides. These filthy hands are familiar with the weight of blood slick knives.

I follow the signs the rot shows my in the horrible visions it offers as condolence for feasting on my organs and soul. I carve the symbols, those strange clunky runes that haunt my dreams like grave mold, into their flesh but no emotion stirs. I feel the blackness, so hollow and warm, gnawing at my innards. I see it in the neon veins spread under my pale flesh like decaying lightning. My scars and rot are beautiful, eternal, and plentiful but that doesn’t make me any friends. Who needs friends when you have an enemy like me?

I’m rotting from my soul out.

My guts are mush. My skin is peeling. My mind is filth. My knife is dull.

(This story is from my upcoming collection of horror flash fiction entitled Everything Is Gonna Be All Right and Other Out and Out Lies.)

If you enjoyed it you can find more of my scribblings below...



Stories To Poke Your Eyes Out To



Stories To Poke Your Eyes Out To

Hoo-Doo County Horrors

The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole (with Timothy W. Long)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Timothy W. Long's Alien Death Rays! and Other Unavoidable Hazards is LIVE!

BarnBurnerBooks is prouder than a puppy with two peters about Timothy W. Long's new collection of wild, freaky Sci-Fi- Alien Death Rays! and Other Unavoidable Hazards!

This book is seven examples of why I love Tim Long with yet another killer cover from the masterful Matt Edgington of Madoosk Design. I write stories to poke your eyes out to and he writes stories that vaporize your mind. Here is a quick contents listing for ya

The Book of Dan
A Shattered Sky
Anal Probes aren’t just for Breakfast Anymore
Last Rays Last Hope
Fast Food Farts
The Lonely Stars
Shit You Won’t See On Oprah (Special chapter from The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole!)

Get your copy here!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hoo-Doo County Horrors

Hoo-Doo County is a fictional high mountain county I tend to base a bunch of my short stories in. The cities of Hoo-Doo County (Stillwater, Falterwood, Dry Hill,Bentley, St. Jim's and Nallof) and the surrounding dark woods were the setting of nearly all of the stories in my debut collection Mr. Moon's Nightmares. Recently Mr. Moon's Nightmares went out of print (there is still one autographed copy on Amazon, someone needs to buy that shit). I'll be going over the stories, in most cases re-writing them, and slapping them together with newer stories based in Hoo-Doo County in a series I've dubbed Hoo-Doo COunty Horrors. The first of which is available on kindle now!
Strap in and mount up as we head for the dark mountains of Hoo-Doo County. Featuring a wicked cover from Matt Edgington at Madoosk Design the first volume contains the stories-
The Full Moon Express
Roadside Crosses
Witch Hunt Sunrise
As with each upcoming volume I've included a chapter about the stories.

As a special bonus here is the line-up for the upcoming Hoo-Doo County Horrors Volume 2-
Letter from the Bottom of a Mine Shaft
Little Box of Ladybugs
Corpse Eater
Owing Ira

Pick up Volume 1 now for only .99 here!

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Mr. MoOn's Review of Bryan Hall's Containment Room 7

Containment Room 7
By Bryan Hall

Years into the future a massive spaceship known as DARC12 hovers near a black hole. The hundreds of scientists aboard are on an extended mission to study the black hole hoping to glean knowledge to be used for all sorts of causes, some far more sinister than others. While monitoring their target something emerges from the mysterious void and floats impossibly in the direction of the DARC12. Scanners indicate the object is organic though little else. In an intense opening chapter a room full of scientists, engineers, and security personal, bring the strange boulder-looking object aboard. Its presence is immediately felt amongst those near it, affecting each in different ways. The strange organic mass is sent to Containment Room 7 for further study.
The alien life form undergoes a change in appearance once the team of scientists begins their tests becoming fleshy and covered in an inch of strange slime. The hideous thing begins seeping into the minds of the crew, driving some to madness and others to action. What follows is action-packed Humans versus horrible Cosmic Horror aboard a spaceship the size of a small town-complete with multiple levels for recreation, including bowling, movie theaters, and one bar.
The Cosmic Horror is not at all shy and calls followers to it while unleashing chaos upon the others. Aboard a massive vessel such as the DARC12 the chaos unleashed is no small matter. There are zombies in the story but I would not necessarily call this a ‘zombie novel’ (even though the well-done cover says so) as they are just one of many monsters standing in between the head security officer Wilson and his crew (armed with little more than stun guns and batons) and survival. Far worse than the zombies are the humans driven mad by the Cosmic Horror. Even worse than the psychotically devoted humans are the things freed from Bio Lab 1- horrible failed genetic experiments on animals. The dead humans and beasts soon out number the living as the Cosmic Horror overtakes all it can.
I adore Containment Room 7. Mr. Hall gives us an excellent sci-fi adventure with a horror touch and a dark thriller pacing. The cast of characters is rather large but Mr. Hall takes the time to build his characters as the unsettling events aboard DARC12 begin to build as well. From the onset there is an eerie feeling clinging to the pages and as the story progresses the feeling is not only maintained but intensified chapter by chapter. The happenings on DARC12 are bleak and terrible but with Mr. Hall’s sense of timing and atmosphere they are brought to vicarious life for horror and sci-fi fans alike.
Highly recommended to fans of horror, sci-fi, dark thrillers, and zombies. Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t call it a ‘zombie novel’ and I’m not, but if you like zombies Containment Room 7 does have them. N ones and lots of ‘em. While I'm at it, I'll also HIGHLY recommend Mr. Hall's story collection,Whispers from the Dark.

Hop on the ill-fated DARC12 here!

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STPYOT EXCULSIVE Bonus Track (Story) Super Fun Fan Pack To Poke Your Eyes Out To!

Thanks to Madoosk Design, Fred's Phat Jewelery, and Barn Burner Books, I'm pleased to announce the DEAL OF THE YEAR!It's the STPYEOT Exclusive Bonus Track(Story)Super Fun Fan Pack To Poke Your Eyes Out To for ONLY $20.00!

Check out all the goodies!

1. A signed paperback copy of my new collection of brutal dark fiction, Stories To Poke Your Eyes Out To!

2. A brutiful hand-made necklace by Fred at Fred's Phat Jewelery! Choose from Heinous, STPYEOT, or the Barn Burner Books Logo!

3. A random selection of Barn Burner Books and BOOKMARKS!

4. A four-page coloring book from the talented hand of Matt from!


5. AN EXCLUSIVE Flash Fiction piece hand-scrawled on the back of a Stories to Poke Your Eyes Out Promo card by ME! Include something for me to make the short dark story personalized for YOU!

And ALL OF THIS for only $20.00! Paypal 20.00 to and then email me at the same address with your shipping address and 2 things I can attempt to write into your story.

(Pepe The Cosmic Purple Skull NOT included)
(Special note-If I ever publish the flash fiction piece I do for you, it will be given credit as first being a gift to YOU. :))

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HEINOUS is FREE on Kindle from 4-27 to 4-29

That's right! My horrorcore debut is being given away FREE (ifn' you have a kindle) from today,Friday 27, until Sunday the 29th.

Get the demon...NOTHING is like HEINOUS...
Tell your friends. Tell your friend's friends. Tell your friend's friend's moms. Moms love HEINOUS.

Seriously though, please help me spread the word so I can get hundreds of people reading my work this weekend. ;)


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Wacktards of the Apocalypse is now WACK you can WEAR!

That's right, Wackos, you can show your support for the world of the Wacktards in this hella stylish tee-shirt from Skurvy Ink! Featuring Madoosk Design's killer Wacktards logo in a bright yellow specially designed to burn the evil out of your retinas on a black (goes with EVERYTHING) teeshirt. Swoop by Skurvy Ink today and order you up some of this sweetness.

AND if you haven't read Wacktards of the Apocalypse yet, quit slacking and order here. :)

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Line-O-Rama for Stories To Poke Your Eyes Out To

My new collection of short dark fiction, Stories To Poke Your Eyes Out To. is now available on kindle from Barn Burner Books. To celebrate its release I'm doing another Line-O-Rama! I've compiled a single line from each of the 17 stories in STPYEOT in a method both scientific and random. It was exhausting. Think of it as a thirty second preview for a three hour movie. :) Behold, STORIES TO POKE YOUR EYES OUT TO LINE-O-RAMA!

HEART OF AN ANGEL- The demon parakeet never did anything but howl and curse, froth and spit, and occasionally make all the meat in the cabin go rotten at once.

REAL LOVE BURNS (STPYEOT REMIX)- The black dog doubled over with raspy laughter as they skinned my sweetheart with beaks and claws and teeth and talons.

POISONED MEAT- Bobby nodded his understanding and David continued, "Make no mistake, Bobby, we are hunters, and we are hunting. We are hunting poisoned meat, and it fights back."

ROADSIDE CROSSES- Insecurity warps into jealousy warps into paranoia warps into rage.

CONVERSING DOCTOR DEFEO- "And here I was jumping to the conclusion- a fair and easy error to make- that your mother was an uneducated whore and your father merely her swiftest and fiercest relative as your previous conversational etiquette indicated."

CORPSE EATER- A strange dragging trail of the black ash-covered slime leads up the hallway to the room with the dead climber in it.

HUMAN AS A VULTURE- Taillights in front of you glow red, angry at your impatience.

DISASTERNOON- "I have hopes and dreams," she tells me because she can't stop lying.

BONE HOME- Hold my hand, my dear, as we walk the grim halls and rotted rooms of Bone Home.

THE MAN WITH THE ZAFTIG GRIN- Blood bubbles over his hefty lips to trickle down chin insignificant.

ALL THAT GLIMMERS ISN'T COPPER- He holds the breath, tastes the blood and dirt, before swallowing it into his chest.

MC STITCHES- He sits in his basement cage, composing the dopest beats humankind has ever dared to imagine.

AMPUTEE DISCO AND THE LORD OF THE GROOVE- The second time, I realized the voice was coming from a limbless man wrapped in neon sheets and lying on a small couch facing the dance floor.

SOUL IN MY THROAT- Sometimes gristle looks just like meat.

SO PROUDLY THEY CRAWL- Rex also happens to be the leader of Hitler's Hammer: a racist cult of rednecks and skinheads that controls a small army of meth-head Satanists throughout the area.

THE SELF-MUTILATION BLUES- It's a suicide note you can dance to, baby.

TEMPER LIKE A HAMMER- The furious cries and curses of unbridled rage ring through the air, dozens of different languages and dialects twsiting into a maelstrom of irate resonance.

THE DEVIL'S BATH SHACK- He held a sign that read, "Gunmetal Tastes Like Cherry" scrawled in black Sharpie.

Grab your kindles (knives) and get to reading (bleeding) HERE!

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Mr. MoOn's Review of A Town Called Suckhole

A Town Called Suckhole
By David W. Barbee

David Barbee serves up a fine slab of Dixie Fried post-apocalyptic buddy comedy with his first full-length novel, A Town Called Suckhole. The first chapter does an incredible job of setting the tone for the novel as well as giving a rich and hilarious history of Barbee’s twisted Southern nuclear survivors.
Our story gets rolling with Suckhole preparing for the annual Hell Yeah Heritage Jamboree; the biggest thing that happens all year in the futuristic Podunk town. Sheriff Billy Jack Bledskoe is investigating a string of brutal of brutal murders but receiving very little help from the extravagant hillbilly mayor, Rusty Boyd Crockwallop, who’s only concern is seeing the Hell Yeah Heritage Jamboree (man, I love saying that) go on without a hitch. With all conventional methods of crime solving exhausted the sheriff drags his deputy/son/translator, Jesco Ray, deep into the toxic swamp to search for answers from a good hearted abomination against god born in the muck and mire known as the outcast Dexter Spikes.
An assassin’s bullet later, Jesco and Dexter are working together on a case no one seems willing to help with. The odd pairing stir up trouble as they follow clues and southern fried instinct that lead them to each of the town’s cliques in turn. They brave the army of heathen street children known as the Hill Bills, they confound Mayor Crockwallop’s militia, and make friends with a high-maintenance neurotic talking whiskey still as they bumble ever closer to those responsible for the mutilated corpses. By the time the two reach the end of their adventure they’ve warped into awkward friends in an endearing way.
Barbee creates a detailed post-apocalyptic South that manages to parody the best (and the worst) the present-South has to offer. No stereotype is left unmolested giving the town and its history a solid yet hilarious feel. I spent so much time giggling I didn’t realize how emotionally invested I was in the characters until the end.
A Town Called Suckhole is a great book for Bizarro newbies as it contains several of the traits which I love about the genre. This book is full of weird characters doing crazy things in an insane world. Also, like a few other great Bizarro books A Town Called Suckhole packs a surprising amount of heart in amongst the strangeness and mystery.
Highly recommended for fans of Bizarro, comedy, and buddy action flicks.

One way trips to Suckhole here.

Mr. MoOn's Review of Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms

Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms
By Jason Wuchenich

Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms is a quick two novella collection from one of independent fiction’s most twisted talents. Composed of the most disgusting fairy tale I’ve ever read, Stinky Incubus, and the most sex-crazed apocalypse story I’ve ever read, Skank Clusters, Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms is the most fun I’ve had while fighting the urge to vomit. This is gross out fiction at its rude and comedic best.
Stinky Incubus is the tale of Lemmy, an incubus that can only achieve physical form with flatulence. The ranker the gas the longer he can remain visible. In order to get good and upset enough to materialize for longer lengths of time Lemmy maintains a diet sure to make your innards rumble. While on a quest for ingredients for his vomit-inducing buffets Lemmy happens across an old crone and her fair maiden daughter. Lemmy falls madly in love with the daughter and visits her in her torrid dreams. As difficult as an existence is for a demon that requires farts to materialize is, throwing love in the mix only ensures chaos will ensue when the talented hands of Wuchenich are pulling the strings. Each character in this twisted little story has their own quirks and kinks that you’ll have to read for yourself because me glaring over them does them no justice. This story deals with folk lore, crap, tiny minstrel groups, feces, deadbeat water djinns, poop, labia coats, dookie, dreams, defecation, and true love. Yes, that much excrement but if you possess the continence required you’ll walk away amazed at Wuchenich’s ability to tickle your funny bone, sour your stomach, and pull on your heartstrings all at the same time.
Skank Clusters takes us down a completely different strange highway. The story is about tiny sluts that grow in clusters on vines. They possess highly addictive qualities and soon people the world over are strung out on the delicious little tramps. We follow the team of Tuggy and Raster as the have an adventure on the brim of the apocalypse as the world is over ran with sex-crazed psychopaths. Quick humor slaps you around as the boys stumble upon a way to save humanity. A second smaller story intertwines within this one that has a darker tone and relates closer to a few Skank junkies. Again, Wuchenich provides characters rich in oddity and humor in a quick paced story.
All in all Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms is disgusting, vile, rude, hilarious and very well written. Easily one of the fun-est extreme fiction books I’ve read in recent years. Highly recommended for fans of Bizarro, comedy, and extreme fiction fans in need of giggle fits.

Get your giggle-gag on here.

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HEINOUS Nominated for Horror Novel of the Year at the Preeditors & Editors Poll

Whew, long title but I gotta admit I just love the sound of that. My brutal baby and first novel, Heinous, is up for votes now over at Critter's Writers Workshop.


You can read what a few super talented writer folk had to say about HEINOUS when threatened with blackmail and tickle fights here.

You can read a sample of the wickedness here

You can order the wickedness here so everyday can be gloriously HEINOUS!

And to cast your vote and make this guy giddy clickly here.

Thanks for visiting my darkness. :)