Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mr. Moon's Random Line-A-Palooza

I'm so excited for the upcoming release of Mr. Moon's Nightmares that I'm going to give you, dear friend, an exclusive one-line excerpt from each of the twenty-two stories that come to life with-in the pages of Mr. Moon's Nightmares! Enjoy!

Back When Beulah Was Beautiful~

"Don't mind blocking the door, the tombstones will trip them up tonight."

Grasshopper Season~

"Jerry hated grasshoppers because they ate his grandpa. Then they ate his Pa."

Owing Ira~

"I can also admit I've never seen a more beautiful dead girl."

The Full Moon Express~

"The strange and different monsters inside of Leon are always hungry."

Grasshopper Season 2~

"Do you believe in killer grasshoppers and vegetarian hermits?"

A Pretty Death~

"She looked like a green-eyed goddess leaving flames but walking towards hell still."

Grasshopper Season 3~

"I think he is getting crazier. Last night he strangled me while we were screwing."

HEINOUS (the Limerick)~

"From the abyss rose a demon named Heinous"

Little Box of Ladybugs~

"These things are real pissers, but I can train them."

Grasshopper Season 4~

"He hears their song call the flies to the blood."

Handful of Nails and A Lottery Ticket~

"Did I tell her she screamed "IA!" at me..."


"OOOOOOOO, pretty wood."

Grasshopper Season 5~

"The unmistakable crack of a rifle thunders from outside and the man in the pickup behind tem starts nodding his head at the sound."

What Really Happened to "Dirty" Dick Wilkins~

"He told me the stone keeps strange Nallof alive and as long as they stay here her people can't die!"

Grasshopper Season 6~

"Now, as the swarm darkens the sky around St. Jim's the town begins it's second death rattle."

Witch Hunt Sunrise~

"Last night the Devil crept in and craved his sign on my palm."

God Dog~

"His face is calm. He really does believe."

Grasshopper Season 7~

"It is older than most of the stars in the sky and has been buried half in the Earth since it was formed; an ageless cosmic parasite with unrelenting hunger."

Wasp Stings and Fever Dreams~

"I saw God and they touched me."

Letter From A Mineshaft~

"So here I sit, zombie-bit."

Grasshopper Season 8~

"There is something in the air; a feeling as dark as the ashes and soot floating there."

Through the Thistle and Through the Woods~

"She told me we could dance together in the moonlight..."

So there you go; a true teaser. The time approaches and soon Mr. Moon's Nightmares will be upon us all!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've been so busy getting Mr. Moon's Nightmares all cleaned up and published (Mere days away, I assure you, my friends) that I've neglected to mention some of the other projects I'm involved in this year. As far as years go, this one is fittin' to be wicked!
First up, my story "Conversing Doctor DeFeo" is in Jason Baker's Abandoned. Jason Baker is a very talented photographer that specializes in decrepit....uh, abandoned buildings. He invited five different young horror writers to write a story based on a folder of photos. The result is a book that oozes the creepy. T.H. Davis, Todd Martin, Stephen W. Roberts, Seb Naylor, and I each have a story inspired by Jason's eerie photos. Five very different writers plus Mr. Baker's haunting photos creates one hell of a experience for you. And best of all, I've been invited back for the next one! Mr. Baker plans on having it ready by September.
You can order Abandoned here....
Jason also has a collection of photos you can't live without here....

I'm very, very proud of my story "Notches On A Tomahawk" and it's slot in The Zombist. Seriously, this big-bad-mama-jama is 30 (!!!!!) different Wild West Zombie stories! I'm along side one of my favorite writers, Eric S. Brown, and a grip of my brothers and sisters from over at The Library of the Living Dead. I predict you needing at least three copies of this. Should be out within the next few months!

I was lucky enough to get a chance at a two writer collaboration these past few months and I gotta say, "it was crazier than Robin Williams on crack." Timothy W. Long (Among the Living and The Zombie-Wilson Diaries) and I hashed out and hammered flat the single most insane thing I've ever been apart of, The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole. This book has elements of horror, Bizarro, satire, and is above else violently funny. And yes, I said that with a straight face, violently funny, okay, that time I giggled, but it's still true. As it turns out not only is Tim Long an extremely funny and talented dude but he is just an over-all mad man. He gave our monster (113k words!) TWO editing passes before sending it to the editor! And he made this wicked ole blog for you, just for you.....


I'm currently keeping my self busy writing short stories for Mr. Moon's Nightmares Volume 2 and a second even stranger collection I'm using the working title "Babylonians in Bethlehem" for. As well as a MONSTER collab with eighteen other writers on ONE big ass novel! I'll keep you posted but you can follow Matt Nord's blog about it here....

Of course, as I know more so will you. Thanks for stopping by and have a stellar day!