Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mr. MoOn's Review of Bryan Hall's Containment Room 7

Containment Room 7
By Bryan Hall

Years into the future a massive spaceship known as DARC12 hovers near a black hole. The hundreds of scientists aboard are on an extended mission to study the black hole hoping to glean knowledge to be used for all sorts of causes, some far more sinister than others. While monitoring their target something emerges from the mysterious void and floats impossibly in the direction of the DARC12. Scanners indicate the object is organic though little else. In an intense opening chapter a room full of scientists, engineers, and security personal, bring the strange boulder-looking object aboard. Its presence is immediately felt amongst those near it, affecting each in different ways. The strange organic mass is sent to Containment Room 7 for further study.
The alien life form undergoes a change in appearance once the team of scientists begins their tests becoming fleshy and covered in an inch of strange slime. The hideous thing begins seeping into the minds of the crew, driving some to madness and others to action. What follows is action-packed Humans versus horrible Cosmic Horror aboard a spaceship the size of a small town-complete with multiple levels for recreation, including bowling, movie theaters, and one bar.
The Cosmic Horror is not at all shy and calls followers to it while unleashing chaos upon the others. Aboard a massive vessel such as the DARC12 the chaos unleashed is no small matter. There are zombies in the story but I would not necessarily call this a ‘zombie novel’ (even though the well-done cover says so) as they are just one of many monsters standing in between the head security officer Wilson and his crew (armed with little more than stun guns and batons) and survival. Far worse than the zombies are the humans driven mad by the Cosmic Horror. Even worse than the psychotically devoted humans are the things freed from Bio Lab 1- horrible failed genetic experiments on animals. The dead humans and beasts soon out number the living as the Cosmic Horror overtakes all it can.
I adore Containment Room 7. Mr. Hall gives us an excellent sci-fi adventure with a horror touch and a dark thriller pacing. The cast of characters is rather large but Mr. Hall takes the time to build his characters as the unsettling events aboard DARC12 begin to build as well. From the onset there is an eerie feeling clinging to the pages and as the story progresses the feeling is not only maintained but intensified chapter by chapter. The happenings on DARC12 are bleak and terrible but with Mr. Hall’s sense of timing and atmosphere they are brought to vicarious life for horror and sci-fi fans alike.
Highly recommended to fans of horror, sci-fi, dark thrillers, and zombies. Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t call it a ‘zombie novel’ and I’m not, but if you like zombies Containment Room 7 does have them. N ones and lots of ‘em. While I'm at it, I'll also HIGHLY recommend Mr. Hall's story collection,Whispers from the Dark.

Hop on the ill-fated DARC12 here!

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