Thursday, June 21, 2012

STPYOT EXCULSIVE Bonus Track (Story) Super Fun Fan Pack To Poke Your Eyes Out To!

Thanks to Madoosk Design, Fred's Phat Jewelery, and Barn Burner Books, I'm pleased to announce the DEAL OF THE YEAR!It's the STPYEOT Exclusive Bonus Track(Story)Super Fun Fan Pack To Poke Your Eyes Out To for ONLY $20.00!

Check out all the goodies!

1. A signed paperback copy of my new collection of brutal dark fiction, Stories To Poke Your Eyes Out To!

2. A brutiful hand-made necklace by Fred at Fred's Phat Jewelery! Choose from Heinous, STPYEOT, or the Barn Burner Books Logo!

3. A random selection of Barn Burner Books and BOOKMARKS!

4. A four-page coloring book from the talented hand of Matt from!


5. AN EXCLUSIVE Flash Fiction piece hand-scrawled on the back of a Stories to Poke Your Eyes Out Promo card by ME! Include something for me to make the short dark story personalized for YOU!

And ALL OF THIS for only $20.00! Paypal 20.00 to and then email me at the same address with your shipping address and 2 things I can attempt to write into your story.

(Pepe The Cosmic Purple Skull NOT included)
(Special note-If I ever publish the flash fiction piece I do for you, it will be given credit as first being a gift to YOU. :))

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