Friday, July 12, 2013

Witch Hunt Sunrise II by Jonathan Moon

Blood everywhere and we all feel alright.

Maybe dizzy, probably high.

We’re dancing. We’re dancing into the Light. And we’ll keep dancing on through these dark new days in our shoes of whore-skin leather. We’ll wave our garish crosses built of infant bones and barbed wire, and the village will stomp along. We’ll have us a witch hunt, boys. Burn her up to cinders, piss on them ashes, and take her land deeds. We’ll build there on our rewarded property, and the Light will glow from the temple her sacrifice has wrought. We'll sacrifice the heathens then, use their blood to grease the gears in our new machine. We’ll be dancing in the Light, tracking bloody footprints through our shiny new temple, content in these dark new days.

Maybe dizzy, probably high.

Blood everywhere and we feel alright.   

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I'm pleased to announce that I have a new collection available for you horrorheads. 
I've collected my kindle-only Hoo-Doo County Horrors and Hoo-Doo County Horrors 2 and slapped them into an old fashioned paperback book! But that's not all, I've also included a ten-story sampling from another kindle-only collection due out later this year, Everything Is Gonna Be Alright and Other Out and Out Lies.
After we take a look at the sweet ass cover done by Matt Edgington, I'll break down some of the stories for you.

Hoo-Doo County Horrors:

The Full Moon Express- The story of Leon, the big rig driving killer werewolf, and the new friends he meets on the twisted roads of Hoo-Doo County.

Witch Hunt Sunrise- One of my earliest and still darkest pieces of flash fiction. (A personal favorite)

Roadside Crosses- A fan favorite of mine involving a haunted highway and a hateful ghost.

Parched- There are vampires in these there hills...

Hoo-Doo County Horrors 2:

Letter From the Bottom of a Mine Shaft- A flash piece written from the view of one of the last humans on the dying Earth.

Corpse Eater- Another fan favorite, introduces us to Marty and Ripper, the two undertakers from the strange Stillwater Funeral Home.

Owing Ira- A novella length story about displaced hit-men and rural murder/rapists. The most extensively re-worked story from Mr. Moon's Nightmares so far. Thicker and meaner than before, the first of a three novella series.

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright and Other Out and Out Lies:

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright- A mantra, say it over nd over and maybe the world won't eat itself.

Whiskey and Water- A flash piece centered around a small shore town.

Dreaming Durkhiem- My sleep is often invaded by social theorists.  

Under the Twin Moons of X2313AR- A sci-fi twisted flash piece about a futuristic game show.

Three Hits of Hash On Top Of One Hit Of Weed- Sometimes it isn't just what you are smoking but who you are smoking with.

The Rotting- This world stinks of decay.

Sensible Sam and the Horrors Everywhere- An oldie but a goodie which has been waiting to see publication for a number of years now. We follow Sam through a lifetime full of deadly encounters with all manners of monsters to see what finally breaks him down.

Great Purification- A deep-woods redneck ends up the herald to a devilish fire-God set on engulfing the world in flames.

Joy Ride- A serial killer with a taste for fast cars and random pedestrians.

Little Black Jars- My most extreme story to date, about a robot addicted to human souls. Too man he needs other humans to find the souls in corpses before he can ingest them. The brutal robot rapist Mr. Cottonseed will haunt your dreams...with a dark Johnny Cash soundtrack.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Fed Fat by Jonathan Moon

Fed fat on name-brand lies and the toxins distort my perceptions. I hear the clanking of the gears, and the metallic wisdom comes with the tang of blood dripping from my ears. My fists are clenched, my voice is gravely, and my soul is a muddled mess. What is real, what is right, what is profitable? 
I hear ghosts from the past- laughing and jeering, and voices from the present sound like robot curses. They tell me the truth, the truth I know, 'We are the Romans.' And we feast like the Romans, on rotten meats and rich fats. We gorge and purge, we swallow it all down. Hope tastes so cynical, but it washes down the sour of Doom.
 My stomach hates it all, and knots and groans its disapproval. No time to vomit, yet another spoonful for my eyes, ears, soul. A flood of rumor and mis-truths we swim in, we drink in, we drown in. I put on my War Face, and slam my spear into the ground. For God. For Country. For my Masters and their Masters before them. 
I misdirect my aggressions and prides. I'm fed fat on name-brand lies.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hoo-Doo County Weekend.

I've got a few things popping in the world of Hoo-Doo County I wanted to share with you horrorheads.

Firstly, I've gotten Hoo-Doo County Horrors 2 up on kindle for your twisted enjoyment. This go around there are only three stories- Letter From The Bottom of a Mine Shaft, Corpse Eater, Owing Ira, but Owning Ira is a damned novella full of the darkness you crave. I really think you all will dig our second voyage into the mountain forests of Hoo-Doo County. It starts off dark and doesn't let up but i bet you giggle a little bit as we encounter our hungry morticians and strange sex-craved killers. You can get this bad boy on your kindle for ONLY $1.99! CLICK HERE!

Secondly, just to let some slackers get caught up on the dealio here I'm letting Hoo-Doo County Horrors go FREE all weekend on amazon. so, this weekend only two little collections in Hoo-Doo County for only $1.99! Get caught up for FREE here!

In other Hoo-Doo County news, I've decided the next in the series will be the entirety of my fan-favorite serial Grasshopper Season with a few added chapters to keep that grasshopper gore a' splashing!
So before the end of summer you will be able to get Hoo-Doo County Horrors 3: Grasshopper Season on your kindle!
I've begun selecting stories for the fourth installment and have already chosen the stories Handful of Nails and a Lottery Ticket and the rare story The Fear VS The Need. I hope to have this volume up before the end of the year.
I hope to release my novella Back When Beulah Was Beautiful, perhaps with the stories A Pretty Death and Through the Thistle, Through the Woods as all three bare the same starkly bleak yet beautiful feeling. Hoping for an October or winter release for this.
By the end of summer I also hope to be accepting submissions for Hoo-Doo County Horrors 5...tentatively titled Hoo-Doo County Horrors 5: Mr. Moon and Friends. What I will be looking for is stories not only based in Hoo-Doo County but the use of familiar characters. We'll talk much more about this as time approaches, but I predict a hell of a fun time with this.

Now, as I've said previously all of the Hoo-Doo County Horror series will be released on kindle. However, I just can't stop loving paperback books, in hopes I'm not the only one I will be offering a special THREE-PACK of kindle works into one paperback. This 'Triclyoptic' will feature both Hoo-Doo County Horrors and Hoo-Doo County Horrors 2 but also a select sample of stories from my upcoming Everything Is Gonna Be Alright and Other Out and Out Lies. I will have a stack of Triclyoptics with me at CRYPTICON SEATTLE next month and will open it up to be available for everyone else when I return home from what has become one of my favorite weekends every year.

Whew, that was a whole lot of jibber-jabber for one blog post. I do have more good news I will be able to share with you all soon. Stay groovy, my friends, here in our darkness.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dreaming Durkheim by Jonathan Moon

Speaking of Social Theorists invading dreams, I dreamt I was eating dinner with Emile Durkheim last night. We were served terrible meats covered in bitter sauces by naked people while he explained his theories to me in broken English. When he began explaining how social norms are born from frenzied emotions I set him on fire. Everyone else panicked but he simply waved them away.

"Don't help me", he said while he immolated.

He slowly burnt to death at the table, his English improving as flaming chunks of him dropped on the floor. Once he was dead the naked servers came and devoured his carcass at our table. They carried his bones outside and began adding them to a small bone building out back.

"One day this will be great." The naked people explained in unison.

I woke up trusting no one.

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New Forum

Hey friends, Check out the new horror hangout over at Bloody Pages! I'll have a page up over there with release dates, questions for me and an always updating bibliography.

Find the party here.

New Story at The Shwibly!

You can read my new story 'Three Hits of Hash On Top of One Hit of Weed' right now over at The Shwibly!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

FREDDY HAS A NEW GOD Limited Edtion Chapbook Available For Pre-Order Now

I am very excited to announce my novella FREDDY HAS A NEW GOD is a new LIMITED EDITION chapbook from the one and only Jordan Krall's DYNATOX MINISTRIES. These DYNATOX chapbooks are very high quality chapbooks each filled to the brim with darkly weird greatness. And not only that but all DYNATOX chaps are LIMITED EDITION...FREDDY HAS A NEW GOD will have a print run of 25 copies at $15 a piece...when they are gone, they are gone. Get your grubs on some now!

I am honored to have a title alongside the other authors with works, out not or due in the future, from this majik cult of DYNATOX MINISTRIES.   

FREDDY HAS A NEW GOD is one of the oddest things I've ever written. By combining reality and surrealism into a goopy paste I smeared all over my face I tell the story of Freddy and his new fleshy pyramid god. It would be doom, if it wasn't glowing so green. If you enjoy my writing, you sick weirdo, then you'll recognize several reoccurring themes with FREDDY while its total exploding brutality oddness makes for a new poke in your brain. Weird. Brutal. Godly.

PRE-ORDER NOW by PayPal-ing $15 to


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright by Jonathan Moon

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Seers and priests argue their premonitions of disaster and prophecies of doom with murderous vigor as plans are set in motion. Destiny hangs thick in the air an electric chaos the great kingdom breathes. Everything is gonna be alright.

Thousands of bones have been unearthed in the field, discovered by children at play. They say they will build a tower with them all and it will reach into the heavens. Everything is gonna be alright.

The old king was set ablaze and he burned without a word. His ashes are the color of autumn leaves. Everything is gonna be alright.

A communal fear of the future, so kingless and grim, grips the people. They’ve taken all the children, the future, to the largest temple and set it ablaze in honor of their immolated king. Everything is gonna be alright.

The shaman has turned on his people, cramming lies in their ears and poisons down their throats. Many die but the survivors boast scars on their souls and trust. Everything is gonna be alright.

The prince dove on his sword rather than face this dark new day. His power-mad generals usher forth chaos and war as they battle for his abandoned crown. Everything is gonna be alright.

The queen has been raped by power-mad generals in their delirious quest for a prince of this dark new day. With her jeweled dagger she gives herself to Hell filled with the seed of evil men. Everything is gonna be alright.

The cities are all in ruin, crumpled stone and twisted metal, slippery with blackened ash. The villages are scorched patches of earth dotting devastated countryside. Everything is gonna be alright.

The people have carved out their eyes now, their reality too much too bear. The monsters have shown themselves, they’ve been here all along. Everything is gonna be alright.

The earth, she is bleeding, all of her rivers and oceans have turned to blood. The blind and mad are dancing now, tracking crimson footprints all over the ruins of the kingdom. Everything is gonna be alright.

The skies have turned black, forever tumultuous with the raging smoke from incessantly burning fires. The rain has turned to acid and it sizzles as it eats away flesh and bone and stone and ash. Everything is gonna be alright.

The great serpent has swallowed its tail. Everything is gonna be alright.

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