Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Timothy W. Long's Alien Death Rays! and Other Unavoidable Hazards is LIVE!

BarnBurnerBooks is prouder than a puppy with two peters about Timothy W. Long's new collection of wild, freaky Sci-Fi- Alien Death Rays! and Other Unavoidable Hazards!

This book is seven examples of why I love Tim Long with yet another killer cover from the masterful Matt Edgington of Madoosk Design. I write stories to poke your eyes out to and he writes stories that vaporize your mind. Here is a quick contents listing for ya

The Book of Dan
A Shattered Sky
Anal Probes aren’t just for Breakfast Anymore
Last Rays Last Hope
Fast Food Farts
The Lonely Stars
Shit You Won’t See On Oprah (Special chapter from The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole!)

Get your copy here!

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