Friday, August 17, 2012

Hoo-Doo County Horrors

Hoo-Doo County is a fictional high mountain county I tend to base a bunch of my short stories in. The cities of Hoo-Doo County (Stillwater, Falterwood, Dry Hill,Bentley, St. Jim's and Nallof) and the surrounding dark woods were the setting of nearly all of the stories in my debut collection Mr. Moon's Nightmares. Recently Mr. Moon's Nightmares went out of print (there is still one autographed copy on Amazon, someone needs to buy that shit). I'll be going over the stories, in most cases re-writing them, and slapping them together with newer stories based in Hoo-Doo County in a series I've dubbed Hoo-Doo COunty Horrors. The first of which is available on kindle now!
Strap in and mount up as we head for the dark mountains of Hoo-Doo County. Featuring a wicked cover from Matt Edgington at Madoosk Design the first volume contains the stories-
The Full Moon Express
Roadside Crosses
Witch Hunt Sunrise
As with each upcoming volume I've included a chapter about the stories.

As a special bonus here is the line-up for the upcoming Hoo-Doo County Horrors Volume 2-
Letter from the Bottom of a Mine Shaft
Little Box of Ladybugs
Corpse Eater
Owing Ira

Pick up Volume 1 now for only .99 here!

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