Friday, March 7, 2014

Grasshopper Season 0 by Jonathan Moon

0: Poison the Soil, Poison the Pupas

It is happening.

Deep in the darkness of the Hoo-Doo County woods something wicked stirs. Hidden away from light and populace stands a tiny wooden shack; its weathered slats the color of bone and malevolence leaking from between them into the thick evergreen forest surrounding it. No insects buzz, no birds chirp, no winds disrupt the dry pine branches.

In the dark of the shack, something glows terrible neon colors.

It pulses in dark, and it forces itself into the soil and trees and brush. 

It glows in its rhythmic pulses, and it reflects in the tiny wet orbs leaning over it and weeping at its greatness.

(Next Chapter Saturday March, 8th)

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