Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mr. Moon's Review of Feast of Obilvion

Feast of Oblivion is a fantastically strange novel from Josh Myers, which is easily one of the oddest things I've read in the past three years. The story begins with flat-fish conspiracy theorist Peter (Yeah, its Peter fricking Weller, BTW) is on his way to the a book signing in the desolate town of Demolition, New Jersey. Peter's journey to Demolition is lined with oddness and sexuality which hints at the coming events and sets a feeling the novel maintains as it expands and contracts like a shallow-breathing flat-fish.

Upon reaching Demolition Peter meets John (yeah, John fricking Lithgow BTW), the leader of a very strange doomsday cult with a very high opinion of Peter and his 'crackpot' theories. Peter is welcomed with open arms even as weirdness engulfs his entire world. As the cults true intentions come to light, with steady action, terror and an eerie sexuality Peter confronts his destiny as reality collapses upon him. As the story reaches its conclusion it strikes a balance between pop-culture carnival and surrealist nightmare as we learn the mysteries of the flat-fish.

And here is where my review would typically come to an end with my strong recommendation to purchase this book. However, I feel there is still more to address. In reading Feast of Oblivion I can easily say I felt more from the story than the words laid out through plot and arc. Something about Mr. Myers' writing instills deep emotions where you least expect it. To me the entire novel has a sense of beautiful despair, which intensifies to a palatable dread in the  scenes with the colossal woman with forever in her eyes. Reading Feast of Oblivion feels like mining an iceberg, the more you understand the more you need to know. As i finished reading yet another feeling struck me; that of the uncomfortable awkward triumph which comes from self-discovery in the fearless face of destiny. And through all the rants, giggles, pop-culture, and weirdness mythos... THAT is what I think this book is about.

Now, go forth and fear the flat-fish! BUY IT HERE.

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