Monday, March 31, 2014

Mr. Moon is On The Surreal Grotesque

  I'm honored to announce my interview with Jeremy Maddox from The Surreal Grotesque. Jeremy has been interviewing names from the horror and bizarro communities for awhile now and his love of fiction is obvious and contagious. I've long enjoyed listening to his podcast, and all the peeps he has interviewed so far. This weekend I got a chance to rap with Jeremy in a very enjoyable conversation.

  As it turns out, Jeremy is a fan of my newest Worms in the Needle and had some AWESOME questions and observations about it. Jeremy asked great questions that really got my brain juices boiling. Jeremy let me ramble on and on, so I honestly don't know if I ever gave any question a straight answer or if i had to take it through 'babble-town' first. Either way, we cover Worms in the Needle, drugs and their highs and side-effects, Heinous and beautiful brutality, working with Dynatox Ministries and MorbidbookS and Permuted Press on all the things I got cooking this year. Seriously, I had a lot of fun doing this interview and I think you all might enjoy giving it a listen.

 Also, following my interview is one with Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich author David Agranoff. David is also the author of The Vegan Revolution with Zombies and the kung-fu epic Hunting the Moon Tribe. I very much look forward to digging on his interview as well. 

 Soooooo, take a hour and listen to us all commiserate and freestyle thoughts by clicking HERE

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