Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr. Moon's Chatty Week and a Half

I have been fortunate enough as of late to speak with some very talented and very cool people about this horror and bizarro thing I love so much. I had an interview with Shells Walters (author of Dead Practices) go live on March 31, 2011. Then after talking with Mr. Eric Mays (author of NAKED METAMORPHOSIS) I'll be crashing The Authors Speak Series on 4/9/11 at 12 EST...that's right a Moon nooner.
And then, just when I was feeling like I couldn't possibly have anything else to pimp my interview with Monkey Faced Demon alumni David Agranoff (author of Hunting the Moon Tribe) went live last night!
I'm honored to be getting the chances to speak with peeps of such awesome attitude and talent so, pretty, pretty please swoop by all the links and read my witty words of wisdomish.

Also, Monkey Faced Demon interviews with Jordan Krall (Fistful of Feet, King Scratch, Squid Pulp Blues) and Patrick D'Oraiazo (Comes the Dark, Into the Dark, a million short stories) and more are in the works!
Thank you for swinging by and see ya next time!

Talkin' with Shells

Rappin' with David

Harassin' Eric

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