Friday, December 24, 2010

Bone Home by Jonathan Moon

The air is hot and dry. And still. Yet watch how the curtains sway in that room above the breakfast nook. I’ll tell you what makes those ragged drapes dance: spirits, dark and tortured.

Hold my hand, my dear, as we walk the grim halls and rotted rooms of Bone Home.

No, my love, the house is built of wood and nails, wire and glass as houses often are. The name comes from the man who built this magnificent dwelling. In 1904, Edward Bone carved a clearing in these beautiful pines and built his family a home. Old Edward Bone was a distant cousin to my grandma. By a strange stroke of luck and diminished family bloodline I now hold the deed. A logger by trade, he knew the wood and used only the best. Edward Bone took nearly every piece of handcrafted furniture and stacked it in some hideous monolith the town’s folks burned. Before we enter, see there where the grass is blackened even after a century worth of snow and sun. Now into the house itself we venture. This door was handcrafted by artisans long dead and never recognized. It whines and creaks when we open it, but it has done its duty and kept the elements out. We can leave it open if you like, but I think it will be futile; they like the door closed. Why allow a breeze if you can’t feel it on your face?

To your left, my dear, are the dining room and kitchen. If you look at the dismal gray paper where it still clings to the walls, you can make out the faintest tint of the dark autumn yellow of sunflowers. How cheerful it must have been. Broken dishes and a feeling of nervousness that hangs in the air and clings to your skin are all that remain in the kitchen. The morning sun shines through this big window, and the family would sit at this table to eat breakfast and greet each new day together. No, my dear, blood dries brown. I don’t know what has left the smeared black stain across the table top. Although, I can show you century-old blood if we go back to the foyer.

See, my love, they closed the door when we went to the dining room. Before we go upstairs, see that dark blotch. A bloodstain. A deep, old bloodstain. Edward Bone took a bailing hook to his oldest daughter, Catherine, and gutted her right where you are standing. She bled out here. She lay in a puddle of her wet innards until her blood soaked into the floorboards and caked to her pale face. Catherine hates this foyer now. She lives in the cellar where her young blood dripped. I can show her to you if you want. She sits and rocks in the corner trying to keep herself together.

Okay, my dear, there’s more to see, so we’ll just keep moving. The stairs creak and moan like the dead, but they’ll grant us safe passage to the rooms up here. Notice how the pictures still hang on this decrepit wall. Look closer and see how the images are blurred and burned behind the flawless glass. I’ve stared into the distorted eyes of the images and I feel them screaming in my head, so, please, limit your glances.

Yes, my love, more blood awaits atop the stairs. Such wonderful tools those loggers used. Edward Bone caved in his son Simon’s skull with the five-pound hammer that he used to knock stubborn branches from downed logs and then stripped him naked like a cedar here in the hallway. Shush, my dear, there is Simon now. He is watching us with his eye. Don’t stare at the pulp that is his skull now for he may take offence. See how his naked form shimmers in the shadows as he sulks into his mother’s sitting room.

This, my love, is Edward Bone’s wife, Delores Bone. I find her here most often; rocking in her chair as you see her now. Sometimes Pamela, the middle daughter, crowds close, but she is shy around new people. She carries her head in her hands, and her long beautiful hair is eternally tangled with her blood. Delores can’t see you because, as you can see, he has sewn her eyes shut, but she can hear you. She sings young Simon haunting lullabies to calm his terrified spirit. Her voice is distant and sorrowful; see how it raises the gooseflesh on my arm.

That deep chill and pungent stench, my dear, is Edward drawing close. Watch how Mother Bone and son fade as the murderous patriarch approaches. We will meet him halfway when we turn the tarnished knob to the door to our right.

I must warn, my love, if old dead Edward Bone speaks we must cover our ears and leave. I’ll open the door now. It creaks loudest of all, and the house vibrates softly as his evil condenses to form a physical being. His restless murderous spirit rolls and swirls and that, my dear, is what makes the curtains wave. See how they whip now as his apparition appears. Today he is holding the gore-stained hammer and smiling like the damned. He died of starvation here in this room. He slaughtered his family and never again left this house.

Don’t look at his dark eyes as they roll in their sockets!
Ia. Tahgen noob fhtagn. Ia Ia.

No! My love, cover your ears and back away!
Ia! Tahgen noob fhtagn! IA! IA! IA!


I can’t save you, my love, and the hammer is all too real now. Your blood drips down my face, and my apology is stuck in my throat. I told you not to listen.

I have to leave now, my dear, but I always return. You’ll meet the young daughters Bone now and share in their phantom state; mutilated beauty surround by molding decay. I’ll bring you more friends until this house feels alive again.

Maybe, my love, I’ll move in so we can always be together in the grim hallways and rotted rooms of Bone Home.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mr. Moon's Review of Eleven Twenty Three

I read a wide variety of independent fiction. I’m addicted to it. I have stacks and stacks of independent horror, zombie, and bizarro books that could really cause physical harm if they tip over. These books entertain me, they entrance me, they inspire me, and they are my escape. There is one thing that none of them have done yet though. As someone who reads dark and writes even darker, I don’t scare easy. All that being shared, I can say honestly Jason S. Hornsby’s new novel Eleven Twenty Three terrified me. Perhaps I was a little paranoid to start with and can only blame Jason Hornsby with pushing me over the edge with the thick moody slab of horror known as Eleven Twenty Three. Either way there is no denying the feeling of paranoid terror that seeps from this well crafted novel.

Eleven Twenty Three opens with the main character, Layne Prescott, and his girlfriend, Tara, sitting at an airport bar in Shanghai. They are waiting for their flight back to Lilly’s End, Florida and the funeral of Layne’s father when Layne makes eye contact with a man across the bar from them. The man is sweating and nervous looking with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. Within the first few pages Mr. Hornsby builds a mood of paranoia and foreboding that just gets thicker and thicker. Through a turn of odd events Layne ends up with the briefcase; finding it just as they reach Lilly’s End.

Mr. Hornsby takes his time and builds his characters through-out the first few chapters but the story and mood doesn’t sway and the feeling of dread is almost palatable as more characters are introduced. We met Hadjime, Layne’s equally cynical and paranoid best friend, and his sister, Mitsuko. The plot layers into the characters life and they are all dealing with very human issues that make the building terror even that much more real. Layne for instance is not only dealing with the death of his father but also a complicated relationship with Mitsuko. Amidst all the drama the terror emerges in brutal fashion.

Layne picks up his mother for the funeral of his estranged dad and at the grave side chaos erupts. As the clocks strike 11:23 half of the population of Lilly’s End go completely unexplainably and, worst of all, viciously insane. The people that don’t turn insane are attacked by their friends and loved ones; finding themselves having to kill or be killed. The funeral party turns on each other with incredibly gruesome results. The violence is sudden, vivid and highly emotional as the family tears into each other like rabid animals. During the funeral party battle royal gunshots and sirens are heard from all directions adding to the panic and chaotic scene. After a few minutes the people that went insane (the ones that didn’t kill themselves during their fits of violence and bloodshed) turn back shocked and confused by the gore of death all around them. Once the sudden destruction ends the town finds themselves blocked off at all exits by soldiers that shoot to kill.

Layne and friends are left to work the mystery of the briefcase, the ominous chemtrails in the sky above them, and the violent fits the town’s people experience at every 11:23. Conspiracies and paranoia run rampant as the cast of characters grows ever smaller every twelve hours working towards a conspirators dream ending.

I enjoyed Eleven Twenty Three immensely and count it on my top ten of the year. This novel is creepy and dark with enough smart dialogue to keep your brain working as the violence engulfs you. Highly recommended to fans of dark fiction overall. If you enjoy real paranoia and great violent terror you’ll love Eleven Twenty Three, even if you never leave the safety of your house again.

You can buy 1123 here!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mr.Moon and the Day of Darkness

Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day came and washed us all in it's darkness! I got loads of excellent support from lots of great people. I feel i achieved my goal of spreading the word about my Nightmares and I couldn't have done it with out my friends and fans. THANK YOU ALL!

I gave away several things during the day and here is the list of the winners, Jason Baker(MA), Joe Bouthiette, and Zoe Welsh all won PDF copies of The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole (to be send out within the week.)Martin Jolicoeur won the copy of The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole signed both both Tim Long and I. I'll be sending PDF copies of Houdini Gut Punch to Robert Essig and Jason Baker(NV).Brandy Woods Kurtz hedged her bets and ordered both Mr.Moon's Nightmares and Houdini Gut Punch and it paid off for her as she won the prize pack of wicked books!

I had a lot of fun during the day (and the weeks leading up to it) and did a few really fun interviews. I was given a dose of my own DEATHMATCH medicine, not once but twice!

Check out the Pirate Lego Vs. Poseidon DEATHMATCH I wrote for Ken Cain.
I also did a killer Muppets Vs. Zombies DEATHMATCH for Headshot Heather.

Mr.Moon's Nightmares got a few more great reviews as well! Swing by and read them before you buy yourself a copy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mr. MoOn and The Day Before the Darkness

Tomorrow is Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day!

As promised I compiled a list of the books I'm giving away. Remember I'll enter you once in the drawing for every copy of Mr.Moon's Nightmares you buy and if you buy Mr.Moon's Nightmares and Houdini Gut Punch I'll enter you three times!

1. The Zombist- Library of the Living Dead- I'll sign my story 'Notches on a Tomahawk'

This massive tome contains 28 wild west zombie stories from some damn talented writers! My story Notches on a Tomahawk is a fan favorite of mine and it is along side some of the wildest damn western action ever. Six-guns! Guts! Undead natives! A GREAT ZOMBIE BOOK for the western/zombie fan in you!

2. Unbound and Other Tales- By David Dunwoody- Signed by THE Dunwoody

David Dunwoody is the author of one of my all time favorite zombie novels, Empire, and with Unbound he creates one of my all-time favorite literary characters with Emil Sharpe. The sorties here are dark and disturbing written in THE Dunwoody's addictive style. I've dubbed this book 'Darker than Lovecraft's coffin' and I stand by it.

3. Season of Death- by Eric S. Brown

ESB's Season of Death should be required reading for zombie fans. It contains five of the most wicked twisting zombie tales I've ever read. Season of Death is ESB's HARDCOVER follow up to Season of Death. It includes four novellas, two of which are sequals to stories in Season of Rot. The other two stories are 'Kinberra Down' ESB's sci0fi horror he wrote with Jessy Marie Roberts and 'How the West Went to Hell' ESB's wild west demon story. This is a beautiful book filled with awesome ESB action!

4. DOOM MAGNETIC!- by Willaim Pauley III-signed by WIlliam Pauley III

William Pauley III's bizarro novella is a madly entertaining story that blurs genre lines and will keep you digging it from beginning to end! A non-stop adventure with wild and crazy characters, strangely beautiful violence, and a galaxy wide chase over a stolen purple television!

5. The Zombie Wilson Diaries- by Timothy W. Long- signed by Timothy W. Long

Mr. Long's comical take on zombies stirs it up more than a bit. A man's vacation ends with a plane crash in paradise. He finds him self stranded on a desert with a hot dead chick! Come for the zombies, stay for the coconut bra!

6. Rotten Little Animals-by Kevin Shamel-signed by Kevin Shamel

Rotten Little Animals is the first book I read from Eraserhead Press's New Bizarro Author Series and it will not be the last. Mr.Shamel blows the lid of the secret world of animals! This story flows so easy and fun you'll most likely read it twice in a row. Plus, it's so damn good you'll want to read more NBAS books (trust me I know).

7. King Scratch-by Jordan Krall-signed by author Jordan Krall and artist William Pauley III

Jordan Krall is one of my favorite authors and I can honestly say I've always been entertained when reading his work. His novel Fistful of Feet is easily one of my fav bizarro works ever. King Scratch is a violent, sexy, pulpy noir masterpiece!

8. Eleven Twenty Three-by Jason S. Hornsby

Mr.Hornsby scares the hell out of my paranoid mind with 1123! A conspirators wet dream novel; featuring jaded youth, graphic disturbing violence, a truly fucked up governmental conspiracy, and awesome dialogue! This book is what TERROR means to me.

9. Apeshit-by Carton Mellick III

With Apeshit Mellick doesn't just turn the tired old slasher genre on its side, he blows a fist size crater in the side of its head and then violates the wound. One of the most fucked up books I've ever read but at the same time it is a funny violent tribute to one of my favorite genres growing up. A fantastic novel that will make your stomach do flips and dips. There is one down side to reading a KILLER novel like Apeshit, every other slasher story you ever encounter will seem like weak watered down diet beer next to this full bottle of Johnnie Walker Red bizarro horror novel!

So there you have it friends! Buy Mr.Moon's Nightmares tomorrow for your chance to win this wicked rad prize pack!

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Mr. Moon Interviews Eric S. Brown

As I fan of zombie fiction I stumbled across Eris S. Brown's Season of Rot and knew right away I had found a new favorite. Since that time I've been lucky enough to read A LOT more of ESB's always fantastic writing, be published along side him (in The Zombist), write an intro for him, and call him my friend. He is easily one of the most prolific young writers in the independent scene. I'm very proud to bring you a few words with Eric S. Brown.

Q. I think the best way to start these out is for you to explain your influences and inspirations to us. Start with what first made you want to write and work your way forward from there.


I guess the first thing that influenced me was comic books. I have read and collected them since I was four years old. On career day in the second grade, I wore a Green Lantern shirt and simply told my teacher I would be joining the corps when I grew up. She did not find that amusing. I read a lot of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Robert McCammon, etc. like any horror fan growing up in the 80s but it was folks like David Drake who made me want to write. I idolized Drake and still do to a degree. He is and was the master of military SF. I have a signed book that he sent me that is one of my most prized possessions. In high school, I got into a Lovecraft a lot. During this whole time, I was writing own stuff. Not originally material so much as fan fiction. I went so far as to write an entire “Alien Legion” novel as a kid for the super comic geeks who remember that series. Anyway, Drake was and is my hero. Without him, I never would have picked up a pen but Lovecraft is a big part of me too.

Q. I know you have had a BUNCH of stories published but do you still remember your first published piece?

A. Yep, who forgets their first? It was a zombie like virus tale called “Night Shopping” which ran in Burning Sky Magazine issue nine back in the day. It's been reprinted too many time to count.

Q. What are you working on right now?

A. I am hard at work on Bigfoot War II and III. Book III is going to literally leave folks going “what the heck?” and amazed at the same time if I pull it off. It will be my masterpiece of horror written by a fan for other fans. I am also doing an interview series for Naked Snake Press's blog where I am interviewing tons of zombie authors. In addition to that, I am doing tales for a few more anthologies that have invited me to be in them and thinking about what I plan for the future after the Bigfoot War trilogy conludes.

Q. Okay, I’ve read ESB stories with fast zombies and slow zombies (and smart zombies, animal zombies, pregnant zombies, plant zombies, and six dozen other kinds of zombies) which do you prefer to write? Which do you prefer to read?

A. I enjoy writing fast, “28 Days Later” style zombies the most but I do like to shake things up from time to time. As to reading, I love them all. I have been a diehard Z fan since I first watched Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead as a child and always will be.

Q. I’m very excited about Anti-Heroes by you and THE Dunwoody! Can you tell me about it?

A. Anti-Heroes is a joint book featuring dark, superhero novellas from the two of us. The book was Dave's idea. He called me one night knowing one of my goals was to really get into writing superhero stuff and asked me to do the book with him. The Enslaver of Worlds, a very Lovecraftian monster like being, was something he'd dreamed up as child and he knew I had The Human Experiment featuring MY superhero Agent Death coming out from Sonar 4 Publications so we decided do a book that featured both of them. My novella “The Zombie Farm” is Agent Death's second adventure. You don't have to read The Human Experiment to enjoy it but it will be much better if you do.

(Interviewer Note: ESB and THE Dunwoody?!?! THIS IS ROCK!)

Q. You’ve really branched out this year with How the West Went to Hell (a horror western), Kinberra Down (Sci-Fi), Anti-Heroes/ The Human Experiment (Super Hero), and Bigfoot War ( Cryptozoological Apocalyptic Horror). In the middle of all the middle of all that you wrote sequels to three of the five stories in Season of Rot, all chock full of zombie goodness. With all those different genres which was the most difficult? Which was the most fun?

A. SF hands down. I love SF but unless I flat out blend it with horror, I don't do it well. Kinberra Down was my homage to tales like Alien and Screamers but it wasn't an easy book for me to write. Jessy Roberts kind of teamed up with me a bit on it adding about a tenth of the book and expanding some of the character stuff. She was great to work with. I am fan of SF, comics, horror in general, and zombies. I love it all and the whole reason I write is that I am a fan. It just makes sense that I would try my hand at all of it. The Weaponer, a post apocalyptic, zombie, western is likely the closest thing I have done to blending all my loves into a single book. It should be out from Coscom Entertainment soon.

Q. How far would you make it through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?

A. LOL. I have no idea. Likely not too far if there was beer and cigarettes involved.

(Interviewer Note: I happen to know that the Oompa Lompas smoke, drink, and curse like Tim Long but only during their lunch hour.)

Q. If you absolutely had to pick a favorite comic book character, which would it be?

A. The Flash. I grew up with Barry but love Wally dearly. Wally is a family guy like me and that makes him even cooler in my eyes. Plus, I try to write like The Flash. Though for the record, my favorite teams are The Fantastic Four and The Legion of Superheroes. I have huge collections of both and am a total Legion geek. As to my favorite bad guy, that would be Dr. Doom.

Q, If You-from-Five-Years-Ago saw you today what would he say? And what would you tell him?

A. He would say “Wow!” and I would say “Don't give up. Keep at it man.”

Q. Who said, “Calm down, you’re acting very un-Dude.”?

A.I have no idea on that one mate. Couldn't we just talk comics?

(Interviewer Note: Walter from The Big Lebowski. He is a human quote machine!)

Q, Which holiday has better candy, Halloween or Christmas?

A. Halloween.

Q. You have scared the hell outta me before, so I got to ask what scares you?

A. Snakes and Bigfoot. They creep me out man.

(Interviewer Note: ESB’s Bigfoot Monsters are scary as HELL.)

Q. It took me about a week longer to get these questions back to you. Did you write a new book in that time?

A. I just recently wrote Martin Kier and the Dead in a week. It's soon to be released from Naked Snake Press. That's the closest I have come lately. The books in the Bigfoot War series are taking some time because I want them to be my best ever so it will be quite a while until I wrap them up.

(Interviewer Note: Bonus action…I wrote the intro to Martin Kier and the Dead.)

Q. Quick, name drop five great independent horror talents!

A. Excluding you (since it’s your blog), David Dunwoody, Stephen North, Nick Cato, the late Z. A. Recht, and Peter Clines.


Q. Since you are a fan of comic books and I’m a fan of your books I wanna try something different. Let’s pretend there is an alternate reality of your town of Babble Creek from your story Bigfoot War. Now in this other Babble Creek the story starts the same…Jeff loses his dad and brother and is infused with a vicious thirst for revenge. He comes back to town and gets his revenge. He is standing in the clearing when the tribe of angry giant beasts emerges from the nearby trees. Now, the big difference in this other reality is Jeff has super telekinesis he acquired from government experiments from his time in the military. So please describe for me, in 1,500 words or so, what would happen if a tribe of raging Sasquatches attacked a super with a wicked hate for Bigfoot!


Jeff stepped out onto the porch and took a deep breath of fresh country air. It was hard to believe it was all over. Somehow it didn’t feel real. It felt as if there was something left to do. Jeff hopped over the porch railing to the grass and walked around the house, taking one last look at this place of nightmares before he headed to his car.
A roar erupted from the trees beyond the gravel drive. It was not the voice of the creature which had so long haunted him. It sounded different, as if it was a cry of grief not rage. He broke into a run. Jeff knew the voice belonged to another of the creatures and it was going to come after him like he had its kin. He took off in a run for his car. As he reached it, several more howling voices roared in the woods, a chorus of sadness becoming rage.
Jeff looked at the rifle lying in the passenger seat but decided this was a fight he could handle himself. It was only fitting. The government had made him a freak. He stood his ground and readied himself for what was to come. He could no longer keep count of the number of voices in the air. His heart thundered in his chest and sweat poured from his skin. If he was going to die today, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. An eight-foot-tall creature lumbered from the trees. He could see it was female. Large sagging breasts hung from underneath the fur of its chest. Jeff concentrated and it's head exploded from the pressure of a telekinetic vise that crushed it into spray of bone shards and red mist. The headless monster flopped to the ground then lay still. No sooner had the body hit the dirt, than did the others come. They were of all sizes and shapes, male and female. The smallest looked to weigh a little over a thousand pounds and was a tiny in comparison to most of the others. A large male led the charge at him. The beast like creature stood nearly a dozen feet tall and the ground shook with each of its steps. Hulking muscles rippled underneath the thick layer of hair that covered its arms and legs. As one they bounded towards him. Jeff jabbed a hand forward and an invisible blade of mental force slammed into the throat the large male. With a pained attempt at a scream, it stumbled as blood washed over and streamed down the front of its body. It met his eyes and Jeff smiled as he saw the fear there before it took its last breath, falling before him. Jeff waved his arm sending a solid wall of power into the creatures' forward ranks. They were tossed backwards, many with broken ribs, fractured legs, and bloodied faces. It was time to make the conflict more personal. Transparent blades forged of his willpower formed in his hands as he ran forward to where the monsters were regrouping and still more poured from the trees. With a mental push, he flung himself through the air at the closest two, slicing one's forehead open that sprayed brain matter onto his hand and arm. He landed in front of the second, striking upwards at its chest. His blade pierced the thing's heart as its eyes grew wide and its breath caught in its throat. Jeff jerked the blade free and spun to face the mob gathering around him. At once, he saw there were too many. They had closed in so fast, the area was too confined from him to continue the fight with his blades. As they leapt onto him, he raised a shield of crackling energy over himself. Their fists and feet hammered into it pushing him to his knees. Blood leaked from his eyes, ears, and nose as he struggled to keep the shield up. With his last ounce of willpower he turned the shield into a wave of outward flying razor like shards. The four closest beasts were mangled and cut to bits. Several behind them suffered deep gashes and grazing wounds but none of them backed off. Jeff collapsed, his eyes falling shut, as hair covered hands grabbed his body and tore it to shreds in a fury of fear and anger.

KILLER DEATHMATCH! Ladies and gentlemen, Eric S. Brown!

Eric hangs out all in horror and zombie forums all over the web. You can also find him on facebook.
You can find his massive collection of dark fiction here...
ESB Books

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr. Moon's review of Rotten Little Animals

Mr.Moon's Nightmares All Day Day is only five days away! I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of Kevin Shamel's Rotten Little Animals to add to the prize pack. In honor of that I wanted to share a review I wrote for Rotten Little Animals awhile back. I also want to take a second and tell everyone that Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day is only the beast it is becoming because of Mr.Shamel. His generosity and kindness are second only to his ability to write damned entertaining fiction. I'm honored to be able to add a signed copy of Rotten Little Animals to my prize pack!

Mr. Shamel takes us deep into the secret world of the furred and feathered with his debut novel Rotten Little Animals. As is so happens animals really can talk...and so much more.

The story starts with an animal film crew shooting a zombie movie in a human family's back yard. Stinkin' Rat is the director and the brain behind it all. A human boy named Cage accidentally spies the animals filming and (in order to protect the secrets of animals everywhere) the animals kidnap him. It is quickly decided the crew will film the kidnapping and enter the resulting movie into the Animaux Film Festival (held every year in France, of course). Chaos ensues and I don't mean a little bit of chaos. We are talking zombie fights, torture-porn, award show massacres, and more angry little critters than you can shake a stick at. I don't want to ruin any thing for you (the story evolves quickly with a ease that veteran writers have trouble mastering) so I'll just say the action and laughs don't end til the last page.

The story is very fast paced and well told, the twists you encounter pull you in deeper into the secret world of the animals. Shamel gives his characters (be they animals or the odd, okay, very odd, human) personality and life. As the story unfolds you pick up on Shamel's tongue-in-cheek commentary of the state of the world. I felt he clowns it all well. Greed, perversion, and the movie business are all comic fodder in this little gore streaked, chuckle filled story.

All in all a great first novel that balances laughs and action perfectly. Highly recommended for fans of action, comedy, animals, scat (hey, animals poop, okay?), and good smart fiction.

get it here

Mr. Moon and the Interviews Three

In honor of the very near Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day I have had a flurry of interviews! Take some time and give them all a good reading. Thank you!

Crystal Conner hunts me down and grills me about Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day,The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole, and working with a wild man like Tim Long here....

I'm the Featured Author over at Juniper Grove this week! Swing through and check out my interview with the awesome Jadis here...

And then Ken Cain gives Mr.Moon's Nightmares a good reviewin' and me a taste of my own DEATHMATCH medicine here...

I hope you can all take a minute to check these all out! And I want to say thank you to all three for interviewing me! I also have one more coming up from none other than Headshot Heather! Stay tuned.

Mr. MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day is only 5 days away!

Prize pack so far-
1. The Zombist-Library of the Living Dead
2. Unbound and Other Tales-written and signed by David Dunwoody
3. Season of Death- by ESB
4. Rotten Little Animals-written and signed by Kevin Shamel
5. DOOM MAGNETIC!- written and signed by William Pauley III
6. 1123- By Jason S. Hornsby
7. King Scratch- written and signed by Jordan Krall, also signed by artist William Pauley the III

so far 7 books, two with William Pauley's signature!!!