Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mr. MoOn and The Day Before the Darkness

Tomorrow is Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day!

As promised I compiled a list of the books I'm giving away. Remember I'll enter you once in the drawing for every copy of Mr.Moon's Nightmares you buy and if you buy Mr.Moon's Nightmares and Houdini Gut Punch I'll enter you three times!

1. The Zombist- Library of the Living Dead- I'll sign my story 'Notches on a Tomahawk'

This massive tome contains 28 wild west zombie stories from some damn talented writers! My story Notches on a Tomahawk is a fan favorite of mine and it is along side some of the wildest damn western action ever. Six-guns! Guts! Undead natives! A GREAT ZOMBIE BOOK for the western/zombie fan in you!

2. Unbound and Other Tales- By David Dunwoody- Signed by THE Dunwoody

David Dunwoody is the author of one of my all time favorite zombie novels, Empire, and with Unbound he creates one of my all-time favorite literary characters with Emil Sharpe. The sorties here are dark and disturbing written in THE Dunwoody's addictive style. I've dubbed this book 'Darker than Lovecraft's coffin' and I stand by it.

3. Season of Death- by Eric S. Brown

ESB's Season of Death should be required reading for zombie fans. It contains five of the most wicked twisting zombie tales I've ever read. Season of Death is ESB's HARDCOVER follow up to Season of Death. It includes four novellas, two of which are sequals to stories in Season of Rot. The other two stories are 'Kinberra Down' ESB's sci0fi horror he wrote with Jessy Marie Roberts and 'How the West Went to Hell' ESB's wild west demon story. This is a beautiful book filled with awesome ESB action!

4. DOOM MAGNETIC!- by Willaim Pauley III-signed by WIlliam Pauley III

William Pauley III's bizarro novella is a madly entertaining story that blurs genre lines and will keep you digging it from beginning to end! A non-stop adventure with wild and crazy characters, strangely beautiful violence, and a galaxy wide chase over a stolen purple television!

5. The Zombie Wilson Diaries- by Timothy W. Long- signed by Timothy W. Long

Mr. Long's comical take on zombies stirs it up more than a bit. A man's vacation ends with a plane crash in paradise. He finds him self stranded on a desert with a hot dead chick! Come for the zombies, stay for the coconut bra!

6. Rotten Little Animals-by Kevin Shamel-signed by Kevin Shamel

Rotten Little Animals is the first book I read from Eraserhead Press's New Bizarro Author Series and it will not be the last. Mr.Shamel blows the lid of the secret world of animals! This story flows so easy and fun you'll most likely read it twice in a row. Plus, it's so damn good you'll want to read more NBAS books (trust me I know).

7. King Scratch-by Jordan Krall-signed by author Jordan Krall and artist William Pauley III

Jordan Krall is one of my favorite authors and I can honestly say I've always been entertained when reading his work. His novel Fistful of Feet is easily one of my fav bizarro works ever. King Scratch is a violent, sexy, pulpy noir masterpiece!

8. Eleven Twenty Three-by Jason S. Hornsby

Mr.Hornsby scares the hell out of my paranoid mind with 1123! A conspirators wet dream novel; featuring jaded youth, graphic disturbing violence, a truly fucked up governmental conspiracy, and awesome dialogue! This book is what TERROR means to me.

9. Apeshit-by Carton Mellick III

With Apeshit Mellick doesn't just turn the tired old slasher genre on its side, he blows a fist size crater in the side of its head and then violates the wound. One of the most fucked up books I've ever read but at the same time it is a funny violent tribute to one of my favorite genres growing up. A fantastic novel that will make your stomach do flips and dips. There is one down side to reading a KILLER novel like Apeshit, every other slasher story you ever encounter will seem like weak watered down diet beer next to this full bottle of Johnnie Walker Red bizarro horror novel!

So there you have it friends! Buy Mr.Moon's Nightmares tomorrow for your chance to win this wicked rad prize pack!

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