Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr. Moon and the Interviews Three

In honor of the very near Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day I have had a flurry of interviews! Take some time and give them all a good reading. Thank you!

Crystal Conner hunts me down and grills me about Mr.MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day,The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole, and working with a wild man like Tim Long here....

I'm the Featured Author over at Juniper Grove this week! Swing through and check out my interview with the awesome Jadis here...

And then Ken Cain gives Mr.Moon's Nightmares a good reviewin' and me a taste of my own DEATHMATCH medicine here...

I hope you can all take a minute to check these all out! And I want to say thank you to all three for interviewing me! I also have one more coming up from none other than Headshot Heather! Stay tuned.

Mr. MoOn's Nightmares All Day Day is only 5 days away!

Prize pack so far-
1. The Zombist-Library of the Living Dead
2. Unbound and Other Tales-written and signed by David Dunwoody
3. Season of Death- by ESB
4. Rotten Little Animals-written and signed by Kevin Shamel
5. DOOM MAGNETIC!- written and signed by William Pauley III
6. 1123- By Jason S. Hornsby
7. King Scratch- written and signed by Jordan Krall, also signed by artist William Pauley the III

so far 7 books, two with William Pauley's signature!!!

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