Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr Moon's New Job Title

Hello all. I've been a busy little horrorcore head the past few weeks with both writing and ungodly editing. I'm getting HEINOUS re-written for May December Publications. I've started work on my first ever ZOMBIE novel! It is a wild ass wild west zombie novel that will be forthcoming from Library of the Living Dead Press! Then on the editing side of things I've finished re-proofing Mr. Moon's Nightmares and it will be reloaded with the next week. Also, Houdini Gut Punch is in the final stages. I hope to see this killer bizarro antho out by Halloween.
And that brings me to my big news. As of this morning I will be running the Bizarro branch of The Library of the Living Dead family of imprints. New official title...Executive Librarian: Bizarro Branch. What this means is I will be running all the business with The Library of Bizarro Horror!
I am going to be announcing a new sub call for a new antho soon. I am also immediately open for queries and submissions of Bizarro novels!
Please help me make this imprint the best it can be! Feel free to email me at bizarrohorror@yahoo.com with novel queries or any other questions.
Thanks to Doc and all of you that have proven to be friends!
Jonathan MoOn


  1. Way to go man! But I wanna title too! Can I have one? Can I, huh, huh, huh?

    Seriously though, that rocks, my friend. I know your first effort with the Library with Houdini is going to kick ass, I can't wait to check out your zombie novel, and bring on the bizarro love with more anthos and novels. Woo woo!

  2. Thanks Patrick!

    I think this is gonna be a beautiful thing!