Monday, May 10, 2010

Mr. Moon and His Demons

A year ago I self published my first book, HEINOUS. Now, I was totally new to the horror scene, and to be honest, writing in general. The idea for HEINOUS sunk into my brain and it kicked and clawed over and over as it came to life. A strange energy filled me and carried me through the exhausting process that is writing your first book. When I finished all I knew is I had written a book....I knew nothing of the extensive and supportive independent horror underground....and I wanted to share it with everyone. So, I found a "deal"( kinda' like paying someone money while you fuck you own ass). HEINOUS was released to the world! But it wasn't what I saw in my minds eye. I rushed....I wanted the story out so bad I skipped and skimmed over it...I made mistakes. The cover, by Cameron Price the dude that did Mr. Moon's Nightmares, was the thing I was proudest of. Too many mistakes and straight shitty layouts inside teamed with an extremely over priced list price to make it one of the most ridiculous "deals" I've ever been a part of.

And then.....I wrote my collection of short stories, Mr. Moon's Nightmares.....find it here...

and got accepted for a handful of upcoming anthologies. Through it all I began to gain confidence and comfort in my style. I took a chance and sent copies of HEINOUS to just a few people. And today I am incredibly proud to announce that Doc Pus and Library of Horror will be allowing me to RE-RELEASE HEINOUS!!!!!!!!

More gore, more heartache, more twisted dreams, and MORE HEINOUS!!!!! I will add at least 50,000 words and give it a good professional edit. I'm very, very, very, excited about this, friends. HEINOUS is a wicked and unique beast and I'm honored to have Doc and crew from The Library behind me as I rework it. So, dear friends, tell everyone you know....HEINOUS IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice work darlin'! I'm so glad for you!

  2. I can't wait to read this book again all improved and shit. Cheers MoOn!

  3. Hey Jonathan! It was flipping awesome meeting you at Crypticon last weekend! Here is the link to the pix I posted...