Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mr. Moon's Random Line-A-Palooza

I'm so excited for the upcoming release of Mr. Moon's Nightmares that I'm going to give you, dear friend, an exclusive one-line excerpt from each of the twenty-two stories that come to life with-in the pages of Mr. Moon's Nightmares! Enjoy!

Back When Beulah Was Beautiful~

"Don't mind blocking the door, the tombstones will trip them up tonight."

Grasshopper Season~

"Jerry hated grasshoppers because they ate his grandpa. Then they ate his Pa."

Owing Ira~

"I can also admit I've never seen a more beautiful dead girl."

The Full Moon Express~

"The strange and different monsters inside of Leon are always hungry."

Grasshopper Season 2~

"Do you believe in killer grasshoppers and vegetarian hermits?"

A Pretty Death~

"She looked like a green-eyed goddess leaving flames but walking towards hell still."

Grasshopper Season 3~

"I think he is getting crazier. Last night he strangled me while we were screwing."

HEINOUS (the Limerick)~

"From the abyss rose a demon named Heinous"

Little Box of Ladybugs~

"These things are real pissers, but I can train them."

Grasshopper Season 4~

"He hears their song call the flies to the blood."

Handful of Nails and A Lottery Ticket~

"Did I tell her she screamed "IA!" at me..."


"OOOOOOOO, pretty wood."

Grasshopper Season 5~

"The unmistakable crack of a rifle thunders from outside and the man in the pickup behind tem starts nodding his head at the sound."

What Really Happened to "Dirty" Dick Wilkins~

"He told me the stone keeps strange Nallof alive and as long as they stay here her people can't die!"

Grasshopper Season 6~

"Now, as the swarm darkens the sky around St. Jim's the town begins it's second death rattle."

Witch Hunt Sunrise~

"Last night the Devil crept in and craved his sign on my palm."

God Dog~

"His face is calm. He really does believe."

Grasshopper Season 7~

"It is older than most of the stars in the sky and has been buried half in the Earth since it was formed; an ageless cosmic parasite with unrelenting hunger."

Wasp Stings and Fever Dreams~

"I saw God and they touched me."

Letter From A Mineshaft~

"So here I sit, zombie-bit."

Grasshopper Season 8~

"There is something in the air; a feeling as dark as the ashes and soot floating there."

Through the Thistle and Through the Woods~

"She told me we could dance together in the moonlight..."

So there you go; a true teaser. The time approaches and soon Mr. Moon's Nightmares will be upon us all!


  1. Wow, I can't wait. I love your name and your job too. Jonathan Moon a space bounty hunter, it's so perfect!