Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Moon's Introduces the TOC for The Library of Horror's first ever Bizarro Horror Antho

Oh, hells yes.
Clear back at the beginning of the year me and good buddy and kick ass publisher Doc Pus were talking about our love of the new Bizarro genre sparking new life into literary fiction. As someone raised hearing King and Koontz on long family drives horror has been ingrained in me. As I grew my tastes in books and stories darkened. Then twisted. Now, I almost only read independent fiction. I think in general it is farrrrr more entertaining than the bullshit the New York Times best selling list is attempting to thrust down your gullet.
Like a serial killer that has followed the "traits" of most I can't go back. I can't gut hookers for a year and then think smashing a dogs head in will be the same. Okay, so what I mean is the more I read Bizarro the more I love it. King and Koontz are distant memories for me. I need more from my fiction. Doc gave me the chance to put together The Library of Horror's first ever Bizarro Horror Antholgy and I jumped at it. I had to dig through over 80 stories to bring you this and I must say it is wicked. I recived some stories from some truly amazing writers. I am HONORED to present to you,
The TOC....

Bizarro Horror

Consumer's Paradise- Patrick D'Orazio
The Claws That Catch- P.D. Hansen
Fowlness- Stephanie Kincad
Another Double Helix Day in Taillertown-Ben McElroy
New Age-Rick Coonrod
Peni- Mari Mitchell
Real Love Burns-Jonathan Moon

Hit and Fun- Garrett Cook
Guy WHo Got a Headache- Matt Nord
All Due Stories in Good Time- Timothy W. Long
The Aircrash Bureau (or, How Johnny Carson and General Patton Hi-Jacked a Space Shuttle to Get Back on the Air)-Nick Cato
You'll Be Grated When Your Dead- Ruth Imeson
PING!- Christopher Fox
Drain Angel- Cameron Peirce

So ther you have it. I am very proud of this collection. I have a number of stories that I've learned a little about and I gotta again say i am HONORED to present this. Edits and cover work is all ready underway. I'll keep you all in the loop as it slouches towards completion.
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  1. BTW: is there an official title?

  2. Honored to be a part of this. I echo Nick's question.