Friday, April 19, 2013

Hoo-Doo County Weekend.

I've got a few things popping in the world of Hoo-Doo County I wanted to share with you horrorheads.

Firstly, I've gotten Hoo-Doo County Horrors 2 up on kindle for your twisted enjoyment. This go around there are only three stories- Letter From The Bottom of a Mine Shaft, Corpse Eater, Owing Ira, but Owning Ira is a damned novella full of the darkness you crave. I really think you all will dig our second voyage into the mountain forests of Hoo-Doo County. It starts off dark and doesn't let up but i bet you giggle a little bit as we encounter our hungry morticians and strange sex-craved killers. You can get this bad boy on your kindle for ONLY $1.99! CLICK HERE!

Secondly, just to let some slackers get caught up on the dealio here I'm letting Hoo-Doo County Horrors go FREE all weekend on amazon. so, this weekend only two little collections in Hoo-Doo County for only $1.99! Get caught up for FREE here!

In other Hoo-Doo County news, I've decided the next in the series will be the entirety of my fan-favorite serial Grasshopper Season with a few added chapters to keep that grasshopper gore a' splashing!
So before the end of summer you will be able to get Hoo-Doo County Horrors 3: Grasshopper Season on your kindle!
I've begun selecting stories for the fourth installment and have already chosen the stories Handful of Nails and a Lottery Ticket and the rare story The Fear VS The Need. I hope to have this volume up before the end of the year.
I hope to release my novella Back When Beulah Was Beautiful, perhaps with the stories A Pretty Death and Through the Thistle, Through the Woods as all three bare the same starkly bleak yet beautiful feeling. Hoping for an October or winter release for this.
By the end of summer I also hope to be accepting submissions for Hoo-Doo County Horrors 5...tentatively titled Hoo-Doo County Horrors 5: Mr. Moon and Friends. What I will be looking for is stories not only based in Hoo-Doo County but the use of familiar characters. We'll talk much more about this as time approaches, but I predict a hell of a fun time with this.

Now, as I've said previously all of the Hoo-Doo County Horror series will be released on kindle. However, I just can't stop loving paperback books, in hopes I'm not the only one I will be offering a special THREE-PACK of kindle works into one paperback. This 'Triclyoptic' will feature both Hoo-Doo County Horrors and Hoo-Doo County Horrors 2 but also a select sample of stories from my upcoming Everything Is Gonna Be Alright and Other Out and Out Lies. I will have a stack of Triclyoptics with me at CRYPTICON SEATTLE next month and will open it up to be available for everyone else when I return home from what has become one of my favorite weekends every year.

Whew, that was a whole lot of jibber-jabber for one blog post. I do have more good news I will be able to share with you all soon. Stay groovy, my friends, here in our darkness.

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