Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dreaming Durkheim by Jonathan Moon

Speaking of Social Theorists invading dreams, I dreamt I was eating dinner with Emile Durkheim last night. We were served terrible meats covered in bitter sauces by naked people while he explained his theories to me in broken English. When he began explaining how social norms are born from frenzied emotions I set him on fire. Everyone else panicked but he simply waved them away.

"Don't help me", he said while he immolated.

He slowly burnt to death at the table, his English improving as flaming chunks of him dropped on the floor. Once he was dead the naked servers came and devoured his carcass at our table. They carried his bones outside and began adding them to a small bone building out back.

"One day this will be great." The naked people explained in unison.

I woke up trusting no one.

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