Friday, November 12, 2010

Mr. Moon's review Of Eric S. Brown's Bigfoot War

I've decided to start doing a few reviews of independent fiction books on this here Monkey Faced Demon blog. When I started the interviews I was lucky enough to have David Dunwoody, one of my favorite authors and good friends, go first. And now with the book reviews I'm starting again with someone I am a fan of and a friend to; Eric S. Brown. So without any more blah, blah...

Bigfoot War

By Eric S. Brown

As a kid my dad took us to Yellowstone National Park up to once a week during summer time. The tree covered mountains and wide beautiful fields of wildflowers are forever in my mind. Since my youth I’ve fanaticized about what lies in the shadow of those tall evergreens and what dances through the high mountain meadows in the moon light. Even with my hyper-violent over active imagination I never saw Bigfoot the way Eric S. Brown does in his new Bigfoot War. Massive thick beasts with savage claws and even more savage brute strength live in the heavily wooded area around Babble Creek, NC.
The book opens with a frantic attack that leaves a young boy named Jeff without his brother and father. Jeff tells the town what burst from the trees and slaughtered his family but he is branded crazy by the town. Jeff grows up and never looses his thirst for revenge against the hairy murderer. He shows back up in town and his sole thoughts are on destroying the massive beast that killed his family. He rounds up some help and stalks the blood thirsty beast in the surrounding forest.
Jeff gets his revenge by slaughtering the Bigfoot but at a high price. Unfortunately for the very skeptical town a tribe of the massive brutal beasts is thrown into a fury over the murder of one of their own. So begins the slaughter! From here it is all out battle as the fierce tribe of beasts tear apart the town and every inhabitant they can get their claws on. Now, I’ve been a fan of ESB since I’ve read Season of Rot and I’ve read everything he has released since. I love his style and his style shines here. When the monsters attack the tension is high and the gore sprays. Fleeting rays of hope are snuffed out with giant clawed hands.
ESB made his name with zombie tales but he proves with Bigfoot War he can write whatever his swimming mind wants to. I don’t know if the Bigfoot is one of his favorite monsters from his youth or if Babble Creek is based on his home town but Bigfoot War, while as violent as they come, has a more personal feel than most of ESB’s other works. I can’t get enough and thankfully I won’t have to because he is working on the sequel right now! I highly recommend not only Bigfoot War but anything written by Eric S. Brown.

You can order Bigfoot War here

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  1. I 100% agree with you. I loved Bigfoot War and cannot wait until the sequel!! Great review!