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Mr. Moon Interviews David Naughton-Shires

Welcome to the second interview here on my Monkey Faced Demon Blog.... This time I sent my questions clear to Ireland for David Naughton-Shires!
David is a writer and an artist. Here's what he had to say to my nonsense....

Q. I’ve been impressed with a lot of the things I’ve seen from your design company, The Image Designs, How long have you been designing?

I first started drawing seriously at Art College about 23 years ago but only got into the designing (computer based) about 8 years ago and am totally self trained (yup I am that old that when I went to college we didn’t study computers as part of an art course!!!)

Q. You worked with Robert Cordray on the sweetly titled Grunge Bob Camo Pants, can you tell me a little about it?

A. The character ‘Grunge Bob’ is Robert’s baby he told he was just walking down the road one day and the idea jumped into his head, he had no idea what he looked like beyond he wore Camo Pants and was about 9 years old, had a pet wolf called Shelby (same as his dog’s name) and was an orphan.
He put out a call in the Library of the Living Dead Press forum for someone to illustrate the story and I answered that call. I sent him my first sketch of Grunge Bob and Robert love it 3 months later there was a fully illustrated book being published by The Library of the Living Dead. It will be available (hopefully signed by both of us if we can get them to Ireland and back in time) at Horror realm and via the Grunge Bob website (

Q. You’ve also designed some book covers for independent horror authors, care to name drop them?

A. Robert Cordray liked my art so much he has got me to design his next two book covers, his follow up to his book Zombies 101 called Zombies 101:FAQ, and the sequel to his Zombie novel ‘Memoirs of a Haunted Man’ itself called MOAHM: Road to Hell,) The first book cover I did was by Benjamin Rogers for his first book in the Trilogy Of The Undead ‘Faith & The Undead’
Outside of the Zombie genre two other I can mention are an author ‘Made in DNA’ who is an American living in Japan who writes some of the best sci-fi fiction I have read that is most definitely not for minors, and fantasy author Lawrence Button.
One of my favourite recent covers was for Lyle Perez from he has put together a Zombie Christmas Anthology in aid of a local a local charity that assists with foster care

Q. What is keeping you busy currently?

A. Right now I have a lot illustration work going on, already we are nearing completion on the second Grunge Bob book, I’ve been creating a set of 10 character illustrations for an upcoming Graphic Novel called ‘Dead On Earth: Beginnings’ ( which should be ready for ZomCon I am also writing journal entries for my character Mal Turner for the upcoming novel Dead On earth as well.

I am working with Ben Rogers and his publicist Beth LeFond on a graphic novel version of his book ‘Faith & The & Undead’ which we hope will be at least 6 issues long and hopes to be able to delve deeper into some of the scene mentioned in the book, and on a back burner Ben and I are co-writing a fully illustrated novel called The Templar: True Origins.

Another co-production project I am working on is an illustrated book of poems by a lady who goes by the name of ‘The Poetress of Death’ Angelica Raene ( we don’t have a publisher yet so any out there who wants a kiss ass publication give me a shout ;)

But wait the list goes on I am working on a full set of Masonic inspired tarot cards, various poster, flyers, logos (my most recent being for a Regatta of all things so it’s not just Horoor) and a new popular area are my PostAds (postcards business cards)

Q. Who is your favorite Dr. Who?

A. Easy Tom Baker, he was MY Dr when I was growing up I shared many an adventure with him on a Saturday evening when I say shared I of course mean he was in the Tardis fighting the Daleks or Cybermen and I was securely ensconced behind the sofa., and yes like all good geeks I know it means Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

( Interviewer note: Go, Daleks, go!)

Q. Cheesy B Horror or polished Hollywood Horror?

A. This unlike the Dr question is not easy, I have to grade each film on its own merits I have (for research purposes of course) been watching a lot of Zombie Movies recently and my favs are still either ZombieLand or of course Shaun of the Dead (Simon Pegg is of course a comedy god!!) but I have seen many B movies that are just crap and many Hollywood movies which are also shite. If I HAD to choose one Hollywood Horror movie it would be Silence of the lambs it just really freaks me out and all the cast are perfect for the characters they portray (I was disappointed Jodie Foster didn’t reprise her role in Hannibal) and as for Cheesy B movie that would have to be

Q. Who said, “That rug really tied the room together. Did it not?”?

A. No idea maybe I’ll Google it later (see how honest I am I could have just done a Google search and sounded all knowledgeableish)

(Interviewer note: David, honesty is good, The Big Lebowski is better.)

Q. Are there any good stories or legends around where you live?

A. I live in Ireland so plenty of tales of fairies and I don’t mean the glowy Tinkerbell sort I mean honest to goodness child stealing devil breed but none really stick out above the other. One popular tales is of the fairy rings they are circles found in fields where nothing grows and the little people are said to dance in them in the MoOn light

Q. As an artist and a writer do you share inspirations for both? Or does something inspire you to write where as something else will make you want to draw?

A. Sometimes I’ll be inspired to draw and as I am drawing I have the urge to write about it, to be honest they usually work hand in hand. I have drawn many pictures that do not have prose connected to them but have yet to write anything that I haven’t drawn at least one picture to accompany it. If asked was I a writer who also drew or the other way round I would say I am an artist that sometimes writes.

Q. Vampires or Werewolves?

A. Werewolves that’s easy, I think because of the whole romantic aspect of vampires they are the pussies of the horror realm but Werewolves now there is a creature totally animalistic without any form of human boundaries’, I am a huge fan of True Blood but am finding it hard to see the dog beast being pets to the vampires, just a side note here guys….. ‘vampires do not sparkle in the daylight they scream in pain, smolder, burst into flames and experience the ‘true death’ they do not bloody (I would use a stronger word but am not sure of Mr MoOns BLOG etiquette ) twinkle!!!

(Interviewer note: We watch our fucking mouths around here!)

Q. How far would you have made it through Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory?

A. I am sorry to say I would probably have been the Augustus Gloop of the group but not for chocolate, now a room full of aniseed twists or peanut MM’s. I would not have been able to resist for those of you who have seen a picture of me (sorry hope your eyes are better now!!) I am a large man and like my food so would probably have suffered an early death if I managed to become the owner of the factory, and eaten all the profits.

Q. Favorite super hero and why?

A. So I see what ya doing setting me up with easy questions to lure me into a false sense of security then you’re going to give me a really hard I know what ya doing!!!

The Batman: he is dark, with real honour he is not constrained by the law but still works within the ideals of justice he is not afraid to dish out a bit of pain but will not take a life intentionally. Despite being born with a silver spoon he didn’t just sit back and cry about the tragedies on his life he got up and did something about them (albeit a little strange) . From a costume point of view I just love the design and it works as it is supposed to by working on our fears.

(Interviewer note: I am the Batman.)

Q. Can you tell me some goals or hopes you have for this next year?

A. In the next year I would like to win the lottery and retire to a small cottage on the moors and draw and watch horror movies and crime series all day whilst being waited on by a staff of young brunette temptresses, if that doesn’t work out I’d like to be doing what I am doing now but being in a position where I could realistically make the art and writing a full time job I think that is most author/artists dreams. I’d like to have been published as a writer and see more of my art out there and to be recognised for what I do.

Q. I loved putting THE Dunwoody on the spot with this so…..Quick, namedrop five great independent talents!

A. Danny Kelly – He is a fantastic artist from New Jersey with a wonderful style all of his own and I believe he is one to watch.

Benjamin Rogers – Bens first book Faith and The Undead for me was a turning point in Zombie fiction, he has managed to combine Faith and Horror without being all up in your face about his own beliefs.

Kody Boyle - hope he doesn’t take this wrong when I say he has a bit of growing to do but what young man of his age doesn’t but I can wholeheartedly say he is an awesome author and will be going far.

Kevin Noel Olson - he isn’t a horror writer he actually writes children’s fantasy fiction (his main series tells the story of a young girl Eerey Tocsin's and her fantastical group of friends) but he does it with so much talent I honestly envy him, but have to admit I would not want to be in his head .

Nat Jones – he is an incredible artist who has worked with Rob Zombie when he illustrated Nails, a horror comic book, but my favourite of his work is ’68 a Zombie story set in the heated jungles of Vietnam (loved the story so much I have all three versions of the comic book (two covers and it’s appearance in a collection, which I have signed by Nat)

(Interviewer note: Now that is how you name drop!!!)


Q. Okay David, since you are such a killer artist we are gonna try something different….make me a picture of what would happen if zombies interrupted The Mad Hatter and The March Hare’s Tea Party. Make it violent.

A. With the questions about Willie Wonka and Batman the picture I drew is highly influenced by Jonny Depp and the Joker but I coloured it in a hope to give it’s own look. Thanks for the opportunity I really enjoyed doing this one 

KILLER!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to yak with me, David!
Ladies and Gentlemen, David Naughton-Shires!

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