Monday, September 26, 2011

Big News for The Library of Bizarro Horror

It is with a heavy heart that I admit out loud that I have grown far too busy in both my personal and professional lives to give The Library of Bizarro Horror the attention it needs and deserves. As the time draws close for me to pass the torch, I am honored to announce the new Executive Librarian T. Patrick Rooney (A.K.A. Unoshato Katayama)!

Mr. Rooney is not only a very talented writer, he is also a fan and supporter of the bizarro genre. You'll be able to check out his awesome short story Bakemono in the very-quickly approaching Technicolor Tentacles. He has been a blurry force in devouring bizarro works and spreading the weird word. I will still over see a few (very soon to be finished) releases such as The New Flesh print antho and Technicolor Tentacles but by the before the end of the year Mr. Rooney will be calling the shots.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Rooney and wishing him the very best in his new position!

Mr. MoOn

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